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My name is Jose David Huerta Beltran, I am 25 years old and I was born in Mexico City.

I have one brother and the most amazing parents in the whole world. I have a huge family (around 60 people just the closest family), I have 2 dogs and a hedgehog.

I studied my Bachelor in Administration and International Business in Universidad Panamericana Campus Mexico. In 2012 I made an exchange program in Paris with the Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris, and finally last year in 2013 I began my Master’s Studies in International Business in Warsaw School of Economics. I moved to Poland after getting my Bachelor’s degree.

I love football, to play it, to watch it, to hear it… I am a little bit addicted to it. When I was younger I played in the fourth, third and second professional division in Mexico with different teams including: Atlas, Pachuca Aragon, Real Olmecas, Neza, CEFOR. Unfortunately I could not continue training in those levels, I preferred to focus on my Bachelor’s Studies. I am a big fan of Necaxa (a Mexican team that is now in the second league) and of Real Madrid (the biggest, the best and most important football club in the whole world). Last year I went to the Santiago Bernabeu to see a match of Real Madrid, one of my dreams came true. Now I am playing football in a Polish team – Inter Warszawa –

I speak Spanish, English and I am trying really hard to speak one of the most difficult languages in the world: Polish Language.

This is a general panorama about my life, it is a little short but I didn’t want to make you fall asleep.

Thank you for reading.


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David Huerta
a Mexican living in Poland. Football fan, blogger, graduated from SGH

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