Polish Food | 10 Typical & Extravagant Polish Dishes

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a Mexican living in Poland. Football fan, blogger, graduated from SGH

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  • Magda

    haha faktycznie dla osób zza granicy niektóre z tych dań mogą być mocno dziwne! Do wielu pewnie po jakiś czasie mozna się przekonać, ale niektóre nawet po latach spędzonych w Polsce będzie się omijać szerokim łukiem 🙂 Ale tatarka to bym sobie zjadła mmmm!

  • Magda Urbaś

    I like only 2 of this. Is that mean that I’m not polish? 😛

    • Łukasz Keczmerski

      More than this – you commented text about polish food in english;d

  • Anna

    I grew up in Poland and have never, ever seen anyone eating zsiadle mleko with vinegar. Nor have I seen anyone adding garlic to kiszona kapusta. Well, times must have changed…

    • bignigga

      I have never heard of anyone eating zsiadle mleko with vinegar… seems like it would cause the zsiadle mleko to sour. Doesn’t make sense…

  • Joanna M

    Do not be too disgusted about Flaczki. Don’t you guys have your Menudo? They are cousins, and I love both.

  • Phoghat

    “a soup that lot of people love, but a lot of others hate. It is made of the cow’s stomach” You’re from Mexico and don’t recognize “menudo”?
    “Smalec” is not just the fat, it is some of the fat mixed with the jellied pork juices
    “Kiszona Kapusta” is derived from a similar French dish, as French was once the language of the Polish court

  • Stefano

    So, I’m living since 7 years in Poland, I’m italian and I like nr. 1 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 10…
    And what about other delicious dishes like Golonka, Zurek, Boczek ze Sliwka, Zupa Pomidorowa, Barsz Czerwony, Barsz Bialy, Kapusniak, Golabki, Kaczzkaz Jablkami…

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