Transportation tips in Warsaw

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10 Responses

  1. Avatar for David Huerta Jeremy NY Brand says:

    The only comment I have to make is that don’t be a coward with the ticket inspectors. Let them call the cops, you are preventing them from attacking other people. If you “forgot” to activate your card you should have fought tooth and nail to say you swipe the card everytime you go in. Don’t let them bully you around.

    • Hi Jeremy, I agree with you to fight with those guys, but sometimes a foreigner (in my personal experience) in his first days in another country hearing a ‘big’ guy shouting at you in a language you do not understand, you might be scared a little bit. After some time you get more experience in this field. Thank you for reading the post 🙂

      • Avatar for David Huerta Jeremy NY Brand says:

        They are bullies and act like a mafia. Don’t ever hand over your ID to anyone but police!
        They have no right to touch your ID. When you are presenting it, don’t let it leave your hands.

        • Avatar for David Huerta Anthony Saint says:

          Why to fight with those guys, when you pay your ticket you don’t have to fight with them… That’s simple. And that’s not true that they have no rights to ask your documents, they have it at the time they show also their documents.

  2. Avatar for David Huerta pnnaoned says:

    Good suggestion Jeremy but only for the local people. I agree with David on that point. If you happenned to that brave guy to make them call the cops, my respect for you. Thank you.

  3. Avatar for David Huerta Lukasz says:

    The ticket you call ‘one trip’ is actually valid for 75 minutes and you can switch transportation during that time 🙂

  4. Avatar for David Huerta Cristian Cafure says:

    The student discount applies only if you are under 26 (meaning 27, 100% pay), specially if you are a foreigner. With ISIS, for sure they check that info, with a Polish ID, you might get away from it.
    But traveling inter-city, for sure they check the age, and regardless from where, you will get a fine, unless you are a PhD student (up to 35 as far as I know).

  5. Avatar for David Huerta Thomas says:

    Oye y te dieron un recibo cuando te multaron ? Porque uan vez me multaron y no me dieron ningun papel … y un compa polaco me dijo que pues seguramente se guardaron el dinero para ellos mismos…

    • Hola Thomas,
      Cuando te multan si te dan un recibo, uno se lo quedan los ‘oficiales’ y otro te lo tienen que dar. Si no te dieron nada es muy posible que se hayan aprovechado de ti 😛

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