My Experience in a Polish Hospital

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David Huerta

a Mexican living in Poland. Football fan, blogger, graduated from SGH

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for David Huerta Vraana says:

    They have not heard about the laparoscopy yet?
    The most important is rehabilitation.

    • Avatar for David Huerta Dakota says:

      Vraana, what does laparoskopy have to do with knee surgery? There is no mention of any abdominal issues in David’s post

  2. Avatar for David Huerta Dakota says:

    Great writing style, David. Really enjoy reading your post. The hospital story makes me want to go back. I have an uncomfortable feeling that hospitals where I live function like those in Mexico
    Pole living in Australia

    PS. Surprising that Poles still like to complain and tend to be morose and negative (from your other posts). I thought it was something caused by years of living in Soviet Block plus 2 wars before that. It has developed into a habit, it seems;)

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