Do You Think You Speak Polish? | Polish Language Quiz

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David Huerta

a Mexican living in Poland. Football fan, blogger, graduated from SGH

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  • Adrian

    I’ve never heard of “Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy” and “Jedzie mi tu czołg?” and I got “Chodzić na rzęsach” wrong.
    Fortunately I got the rest right because it’s my native language. Guess I’m pretty Polish.
    Good post though, keep it up!

    • Hola Adrian! 😀 Thank you for answering the quiz, I received a lot of help of my Polish friends to make this quiz 😀 Honestly, a lot of those expressions don’t make any sense to me haha I hope you can share it with your friends! 😀

  • Vickynella

    Yo nunca escuché lo de cyrk pero lo de rzęsy me parece que tiene un significado diferente ^^ aunque no estoy segura!