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Today I went to my Polish class, and my teacher told us something incredible: ‘Today I will teach you some tongue-twisters in Polish language’, in that moment I tough ‘Are you serious? The normal phrases in Polish already sound like a tongue-twister for me’, when I saw all the crazy stuff she was writing in the blackboard I was impressed! I had never seen in my life so many letters together. The first time I tried to read them all, well it was not that good; to be honest after reading them all like 10 times it was even worse.

Well, I will share with you now some tongue-twisters in Polish, I am pretty sure if you can pronounce them without any problem is because you are an expert in difficult languages.

So here we go:

PolishMeaning in English
Cieszę się ze się cieszyszI am happy that you are happy.
W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie i Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynieIn Szczebrzeszyn a beetle sounds in the reeds
Jola jest lojalna i Jola jest nielojalnaYola is loyal and Yola is not loyal.
Na wyścigu wyścigowym wyścigówka wyścigowa wyścignęła wyścigówkę wyścigową numer sześćThe race-racing racetrack racing racer raced racecar number six
W czasie suszy szosa suchaIn times of drought the road is dry.
Król karol kupił królowej karolinie korale koloru koralowegoKing Carol bought coral-coloured beads for queen Caroline.
Wyindywidualizowaliśmy się z rozentuzjazmowanego tłumuWe separated ourselves from the enthusiastic crowd.
Nie pieprz Pietrze wieprza pieprzem, bo przepieprzysz wieprza pieprzemPeter, don’t pepper the pork with pepper because you’ll over-pepper the pork with pepper.

If you know any other tongue-twister in Polish, or in any other language please share with all of us by writing it in the comment’s section below.

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